Part II – The “Story Deck”

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This is the second of a four post series on The Storytelling Enterprise. This series outlines the power and promise of capturing the organizations’ relevant selling stories for your sales team and – in a timely way – delivering them so they can be easily practiced and mastered.

Our story so far

Part I of the Story Telling Enterprise blog series outlined the power of everyone in your company capturing stories for the sales team and gave some good examples of selling stories.  But what format do you use and how do you deliver these stories to your sellers?

The evolution of the story deck

Although it is now an integral part of our standard playbook, the story deck took a long time to evolve into its current form.

When I started my playbook consulting practice, I was focused on capturing the key selling magic in the sales tools that make up the sales playbook.  The focus would vary from engagement to engagement, but there was usually a need to tighten the focus on a sweet spot, further differentiate the evaluation process, bring potential deal breakers forward and qualify harder early on, communicate business value more frequently, be prepared with competitor silver bullets, be ready to respond to prospect questions and objections etc.

But a funny thing always seemed to happen.

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