Selling is asking the right questions. Selling is listening. And selling is telling the right stories.

You don’t tell every story every time. But if you tell the right stories at the right time in the right way — you win more. And if your entire sales team is telling the right stories, you win a lot more.

To scale a sales team, it is important to document your “tribal knowledge” and create sales playbooks for both your sales managers and sales reps. This selling knowledge is best captured in questions, tools and selling stories. In our ‘anatomy of a sales playbook’ framework below you can see examples of the tools and stories that have helped make our clients successful.

Not all sales teams will need every one of these tools, but there are a surprisingly large amount of things a sales team needs to consistently sell well.

We have delivered dozens of sales playbooks and know how to help you prioritize your needs and deliver a winning playbook.

Anatomy of a Sales PlayBook (View PDF)

Sales Managers | Sales Reps

How Do We Manage Sales?How Do We Sell?Why Buy Anything?Why Buy Ours?Why Buy Now?Why Buy More?
Sales AnalysisSales PlanningSales MgmtSales ProcessSales / Mktg Infra- structureRight Rep - Fast RampPrecall ResearchInitial ContactQualifyingSolution PresentationPropose, Negotiate & CloseSales & Service Teamwork
Win-Loss-Stall AnalysisTarget Market PlanPipeline ManagementField Sales ProcessBuild Prospect UniverseRight Rep ProfileDomain 101Inbound Lead PlaybookInitial Presentation / Follow-upSolution PresentationsProposalsCustomer Welcome Letter
Lead-Close Waterfall MetricsSales PlanLead Waterfall ManagementInside Sales ProcessOngoing Sales TrainingInterview Approach / QuestionsLinked-InOutbound Led Gen Pitch KitMaster Demo ScriptPricers / QuotersReference CallsService Configuration Questionnairre
Sales Model - Productivity TargetsComp PlanForecast AccuracyCross-selling ProcessRole-Play System LoadedNew Rep ChecklistYahoo FinanceCompany / Solution StoryPositioning vs CompetitionAnalyst FrameworksStatement of WorkHandoff Meeting Agenda
Lead Gen PlanRep Productivity ReportLead-to-Opportunity ProcessCRM ConfigurationTraining Bootcamp AgendaIndustry ReportsCustomer StoriesValue CalculatorIndustry Best Practice MetricsMaster AgreementGo-Live Timeline
Customer Expansion PlanSales Kickoff AgendasEvaluation ProcessCRM Integrated w/ PlaybookFirst 90 Day ExpectationsIndustry BenchmarksVertical Market Guides3rd party MetricsPilot vs. Full DeploymentNegotiation StrategiesImplementation Success Stories
First 90 Day PlanSales Meeting AgendasForecast ProcessCRM AdoptionInteractive TrainingHoovers . OneSource, Inside ViewWinability ScorecardSolution Presentation SurveysCustomer Success MetricsWin-Loss ReportsUsage Reports
Territory PlanE-Staff FormatsReference ProcessTool TutorialsStory DeckAnalyst Call TranscriptsSPIN / Sales Ready QuestioningEvaluation PlanCompetitive Silver BulletsCustomer Success Monitoring
Account PlanBoard Meeting FormatsIntegrated Appt. Setting ProcessMarketing Automation SystemRole-Play Selling StoriesIndustry / Competitor SitesObjection HandlingCoaching Your Coach EmailsDetailed ROIsClient Survey
Opportunity PlanCutomer List by IndustryTitle Specific Call / Email GuidesCase StudiesProspect Facing RoadMapRep Re-Engagement Triggers
Call PlanCompany Contact ListClose Plan